blogging-img 10 Dec 2019

When it comes to caring for an Audi, you want to know that you are doing everything by the book. Audis are by natural hard cars to work with due to their pristine style. They are normally cars that would be recommended to people who have plenty of cash and can afford repairs. What if you just happen to be a petrolhead who loves driving an Audi?

What if you wish to fix it up yourself? Easy: you could buy some Audi spare parts online. Audi spare parts are hard to come across – at least with a guarantee of their authenticity. If you worry about that particular part of the equation, then you should absolutely take a look at what you are buying. In this article, we’re going to break down some of the most important things to look out for when it comes to buying Audi spare parts.

Whether you are looking to buy for your Audi, or you are looking for another brand, the same information applies. So, whether you are after spare parts for your Audi or Seat spare parts, keep the following four factors in mind as you shop around.


There is a difference between buying a generic factory part and buying a genuine replacement. If you want the easiest way to tell genuine versus factory, then look at the price. You will normally pay anything from 30% to 100% of the factory cost. The difference though is that you know it is going to last.

Whether you drive an Audi or a Seat, knowing your car is going to stay in good condition is very important. That is why we think you should always look to verify the realism of any part before you accept it. Buying a non-genuine replacement part might last for a while. Most of the time though, they are going to be entirely without the same level of building quality as the real thing.


While most Audi models are unique, some parts will work in more than one Audi model. For the most part, though, you will find that one Audi part is not suitable for another Audi. So, don’t buy a new suspension for one Audi type if you drive another. The same goes for most vehicle brands. While some cars are more likely to take a spare part from another brand than others, Audi is quite unique.

Their fitting and their style often means that, for the most part, it can be impossible to tell how suitable your purchase is going to be. So, make sure you take the time to think about the model part; make sure it is the legitimate fit for your own choice of vehicle.

Buying something that *might* fit is not a good idea. You never want to have things fitted that are quite simply generic or basic: it must be the right fit for the right model.


One thing to note about buying Audi spare parts, in particular, is that buying new is almost always a better idea. For one, you will always pay more for a new part but in return get something unused. Buying a used spare part often means that it was discarded for a particular reason. It could have a defect, or it might not be have been any use to the previous owner.

Always make sure you try and buy new Audi spare parts. It will make sure that you can buy something perfectly suited to your vehicle. After all, the last thing that you need is your vehicle wearing out on you after the first few months. Even if you are buying Seat spare parts, make sure you buy parts that are new. Newness often ensures it will actually last for the long-term!


The last thing to always look out for is a warranty on the parts you buy. That is another reason why buying new makes so much sense; this allows you to avoid getting any kind of out of warranty parts. Buying new parts meaning picking up a part that you can trust does the job that you want. Buying it new also means that if it does have any problems before it reasonably should, the warranty should cover it.

Whether you are fixing the parts on your own or you are having them fitted in a garage, make sure the warranty is covered. Without the warranty, you are simply buying in good faith. Given the cost of Audi parts, you want to avoid spending a small fortune for something not suited to your needs.

So, always take the time to look closely at Audi spare parts and what you are buying. This will help you to avoid making an expensive purchase that, really, you don’t need. When you are buying Audi spare parts, make sure you buy them for the right reasons – and from the right people!